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Exciting Expansion: Poshlando’s New Booth at Decades Reclaimed Vintage Depot!

We've had a fantastic journey at Lakeland Antique Mall, and it's time to grow our Poshlando family. The search for the perfect second location led us straight to Decades Reclaimed Vintage Depot. Their community spirit and impressive online presence really resonated with us.

We've found our sweet spot inside the Depot and have been busy transforming it. There's been cleaning, painting, and a little bit of decorating magic to make the place feel just like us. It's shaping up to be quite the snug haven for antique lovers.

We're buzzing with excitement to open up our second location! Keep your eyes peeled for the grand reveal. We're nearly there and can't wait for you to join us at our new booth, where we'll continue to share our love for all things vintage and unique.

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