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Space Cleared, Savings Ahead: Goodbye to Our Old Storage Unit!

Big news from the Poshlando front—we’ve officially emptied out our old 20x30 storage unit! This isn’t just a tidy-up; it’s a total clear-out. That trusty old space has seen its fair share of antiques, knick-knacks, and the occasional dust bunny, but it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t get us wrong, it was super useful while we needed it, but there’s no denying the awesome feeling of cutting down on expenses. Selling off the last items from the unit wasn't just liberating—it was a savvy move for our budget. No more monthly rent bill? Yes, please!

We’re all about finding joy in the simple things, and streamlining our operations is definitely one of them. With a little extra cash in our pocket and one less key on the keychain, we’re feeling pretty good. Here’s to more space in our shop and more savings for growing Poshlando even bigger and better!

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